Welcome to our timber framing page !

At Fox Natural Building Company, we love the timeless beauty and unsurpassed durability that the traditional mortise and tenon timber frame has to offer. Here in southeastern Ohio we are blessed with many amazingly beautiful species of hard and soft woods. From cherry to walnut to poplar, we enjoy showcasing the unique grain and colors that each species has to offer. 

Timber Frame Projects

Adallie Frame, New Marshfield, Ohio

A small, 10'x10' frame, built for use as an outdoor seating area. This frame is made up of cherry posts, knee-braces and crossties, and pine plates and rafters.

Retreat Cabin, Bath, New York

This Frame was cut from timbers harvested on site. This non-traditional frame utilizes round timbers for the posts and cut timbers for plates, ridge beam and crossties. All lateral bracing is achieved by using metal cables which were fastened to the frame and eventually buried in the natural enclosure system.

Newlin/Albright Frame, Oberlin, Ohio

Photos courtesy of John T. Seyfried

This addition was a true treat to design and build. This was an addition onto a brick home built in the mid to late 1800's. Keeping with the style of the original home, this addition was constructed from all solid wood locally harvested, dried and milled. This traditional mortise and tenon timber-frame is constructed from cherry, sassafras , and white oak. It is a true beauty with lots of color and character. The natural enclosure system with traditional lime plaster and whitewash really allow the beauty of the different species of wood to standout. The floor is an earthen floor with radiant tubing for heat.

Village Bakery &Café, Athens, Ohio

Photos courtesy of John T. Seyfried

This project was a true design/build project. Given full control of design the only restrictions on this project were that we had to cover the existing concrete slab and the structure had to be able to support solar panels. This traditional mortise and tenon timber frame structure rests upon piers of local sandstone and brick. The frame itself is constructed of locally harvested cherry, walnut, and sassafras with white pine rafters and purlins. The posts are a mix of cut and natural edged forked pieces and the horizontal girts are natural edge walnut timbers that work with the elevation change and serve as a railing.

Office Building, Oberlin, Ohio

This structure is an 18' x 36' mortise and tenon timber frame built to serve as an office building and common gathering space.

Wright Porch, Athens, Ohio

A traditional mortise and tenon timber frame porch addition with natural edges. Local Appalachian hardwood species make up this inviting frame. 

Franz Residence, Athens, Ohio

A non-traditional timber frame utilizing custom brackets to enforce the timber joints. This home is a good example of how diverse you can be with wood species, and still maintain a classy look.

A portion of the trees used in this structure were ash that had been taken down on the owners property the winter prior to building. Many of the ash are dying due to the Emerald Ash Borer, however, if taken at the right time, will still maintain integrity and provide beautiful character for building projects, interior design, and furniture items.

Entrance Porch, Athens county, Ohio

The cherry trees used in this intimate entrance porch came from the homeowners property. They were blown over before being gently removed from their woodlot with our team of horses during the frozen winter months.

Baker Porch Frame, Athens, Ohio

Added to the end of an existing building, this post and beam was added to offer an inviting space for guests to relax while visiting the horse farm. Built out of red and yellow pine and red oak, the trees used in this structure came from a nearby property. 

Stonewall Frame, Amesville, Ohio

A traditional mortise and tenon timber frame utilizing straight posts and beams and natural edge forked pieces for center support and knee braces. Made from timbers pulled from the owners woodlot.